What We Offer

Event Marketing

Event Marketing is a form of business advertising to promote your products or services by organizing an in-person event. This strategy focuses on audience interactions with a product or brand face-to-face.

Social Media Logos

A logo is a visual representation of your brand or business. It’s the face of your brand.  We will provide your business with a brand logo and icon with customizable colors.

Social Media Handles

Social Media Handles are the usernames that you choose for each social media channel. They make it easy for other users to find or tag your business on social media platforms. We will grab your available names (modified occasionally if it has already been taken) so that you have access to that handle whether you decide to use that specific social media platform or not.

Social Media Banners

A Social Media Banner is an image that visually represents your brand on social media platforms. When visitors view your profile the banner is usually the first thing they see, so it is essential to make a good impression. We will provide you with multiple FITTED banners that will individually fit each desired social media platform. 

About Me​

We will provide detailed ‘About Me’s” that provide your customers with professional, understandable, and informative details about your business. 

Style Guide

A style guide is a document that contains visual guidelines for a company. It sets visual standards that define your company’s branding. They include information about a brands:

  • Logo 
  • Icons 
  • Banners 
  • Colors 
  • Fonts 
Content Creation

Content creation is the process of constructing topic ideas that appeal to your customers and creating written or visual content around those ideas. Our Social Media Team can provide you with posts for your desired platform(s).

Social Media Management

Social media managers create content, oversee social media accounts, develop strategies to increase followers, produce content, and review analytics. Here at BizNected, we can oversee your social media accounts for you! Provide us with the information you want to be posted and we will schedule and create content for your social media accounts. 

Combined Partnership Products

Combined Partnership Products are mutually beneficial products designed to equally represent your business as well as your partnered business/businesses. 

Custom Individual Branded Products

Custom Individual Branded Products are products related to one singular brand to advertise their business with no collaboration from other brands. 

Overhaul Website

A website redesign that involves significantly changing elements like the code, content, structure, and visuals of your current website to better serve your visitors. This is to help boost revenue and improve user experience.


Analytics is the analysis of data or statistics. These are used to discover and communicate meaningful patterns to help increase and improve business digital interactions based on previous data.

We can help provide your business with the analytics of your social media accounts to increase digital engagement success.