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Welcome to the rhythmic and flavorful world of Local Notas -
Music and Culinary Showcase! Thunder Canyon Brewery is the spot to be on Saturday, January 20th and every 3rd Saturday each month in 2024.

Join us at Thunder Canyon Brewery Saturday January 20th for an unforgettable evening where local bands/musicians, and culinary talents take center stage, creating a vibrant celebration of community creativity! 

Emceed by the charismatic EVO J, each Local Notas event is a unique experience. Three remarkable local musicians/bands grace the stage at Thunder Canyon, each month offering one of Tucson’s diverse range of genres from soulful melodies to energetic beats. It’s a journey through the auditory landscapes of our talented community, with each performance thoughtfully paired with a cuisine that complements the music genre. 

Local Notas is more than just a showcase; it’s a movement that provides an inclusive platform for emerging musicians and culinary maestros. No booking fees, no hidden costs – just an open space where passion takes center stage. Our commitment to fostering local talent means that your artistry is the main act, and the spotlight is yours to claim. 

In this harmonious fusion of music and culinary artistry, every Local Notas event is a celebration of the seamless connection between different forms of expression. From soulful serenades paired with dishes that dance on the taste buds to lively beats finding their match in bold and flavorful bites, Local Notas is a symphony for the senses. 

Join us at Thunder Canyon Brewery, where passion meets the stage, and creativity has no price tag. Local Notas is your invitation to experience the rich tapestry of sounds and flavors that make our community unique. Save the date and be a part of this monthly celebration, where the notes in the air meet the flavors on your plate, and together, we create a masterpiece of community expression. Thunder Canyon Brewery – where the music is diverse, the flavors are exquisite, and the community comes together to celebrate the unique talents that make us who we are. 

Motorcycle, Truck, Car and LEGO Competition
Coming Soon!

Automotive enthusiasts of all ages are coming together to celebrate the thrill of the road!  

This spectacular event combines the roaring power of classic and modern vehicles with the creativity of Lego enthusiasts in an exciting and family-friendly atmosphere. 

The show features an impressive array of cars, trucks and motorcycles ranging from restored vintage classics to modern custom builds. Attendees can stroll through rows of meticulously maintained vehicles, chat with passionate owners and marvel at the diversity of automotive design, dedication and creativity. 

Adding a unique twist to your typical Car Show is that we’re adding a Lego Car Build Competition. A highlight for kids of all age groups. Young builders can showcase their imagination and engineering skills by constructing their dream cars using Lego bricks. The competition is divided into skill categories, ensuring that everyone, from the novice builder to RC competitor, has a chance to let their vision shine.  

Food trucks will be offering a variety of delicious treats ensuring that attendees can refuel while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere. Live Music, our Selfie Mirror and local vendors will be there to make this an event that you do not want to miss! 

The event concludes with an awards ceremony, recognizing the best vehicles on display and the most impressive Lego car creations.  

It’s a day filled with horsepower, creativity, and the joy of shared enthusiasm for all things automotive. 

Stay tuned for event details.

Past Events

SARSEF Fair 2023
March 11th

We saw so many of you at the Awards Ceremony and Expo, where we distributed awards. If you were unable to collect your award at Reid Park on March 11, we will be delivering all unclaimed awards to students’ schools March 17th-27th. We are so proud of all of the students who showed their work at the SARSEF Fair this year!


Out of the Darkness 2023

Many people’s introduction to AFSP comes through the Out of the Darkness Walks, taking place in cities nationwide. In our Community, Campus and Overnight Walks, those affected by suicide – and those who support them – raise awareness and much-needed funds, strongly sending the message that suicide can be preventable, and that no one is alone.