2023 Tucson Comic Con

2023 Tucson Comic Con

Tucson Comic-Con, founded in 2008 by Mike Olivares, started as a one-day event with 500 attendees and has since grown steadily to over 19,000 fans in 2022. In 2017, industry veterans Brian and Francisca Pulido took over as majority owners with the aim of transforming the event into a citywide and global pop culture destination, while still celebrating Tucson’s unique character and fostering a strong sense of community among fans, guests, and vendors.

Sponsors – Desert Sky, EVOj Music, PTSDad, Marines, TMobile, AZ Rescue Life, Sublime Tattoo, Sweetie’s Shave Ice, Lifted Aesthetics, Align Self Care, Tanna’s Botannas Del Este, Desert Life Reality, Blissfully Be Holistic Wellness, Proper Villains, Glitch Gear

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EVOj is a compelling pop artist from Tucson, Arizona, who is renowned for their distinctive sound and great talent. EVOj focuses on mainstream music and expertly creates melodies and beats that are infectious and leave listeners wanting more.

The PTSDad Comic was made to help families with a loved one who has been diagnosed with PTSD. PTSDad encounters a series of unexpected triggers throughout his day.

Comprised not of a brotherhood or sisterhood—this is a warriorhood. Marines represent the face of our Nation because they come from all parts of it, contributing different backgrounds and walks of life into the fight that defends America’s way of life.

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Nonprofit 501c3 dog rescue in Tucson, AZ. We have a loving group of fosters that open their homes to fosters until they can find their furever homes. We work with several shelters in Arizona along with Texas and New Mexico. We also take in strays and owner surrenders.

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